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 Software Testing Tools for IP Networks (IPv4 & IPv6)

 Rond Portable Testbed to measure QoS & QoE metrics on IP Networks (Wired, Mobile, Satellite, WiFi, PLC...)
» Red New iQualNet ! Download here the brochure.

 Rond Gris Traffic Generators and QoS measurement
» LanTraffic V2 Standard Edition
   » LanTraffic V2 Enhanced Edition for 10Gbps & Windows x64 platforms
   » IP Traffic - Test & Measure

 Rond Gris Impairment Emulator Software with 1 millisecond accuracy

   » NetDisturb Standard Edition
   » NetDisturb Enhanced Edition to impair applicative protocols

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 Timing and Synchronization Products

 Rond Gris Red New GPS-Based Timing Signal Generator for Maritime and Fluvial Traffic Lights
   » ZTI 1250 Applications: lighthouse, buoy, beacon, wind turbine...

Rond Gris GNSS-based Receivers for Timing and Navigation well suited for Commercial and Industrial Applications with large
     operating temperature range

» z050 USB GPS Dongle with PPS
   » z150 Series - GNSS Multi-receivers platform Models P200, P300 & P400
   » NEW z150 Series - Model P910 GNSS Receiver with NTP IPv4 Server (L1 centimeter level position accuracy)
   » NEW z150 Series - Model P920 GNSS Receiver with NTP IPv4 Server (L1 & L2 centimeter level position accuracy)

 Rond Gris High Precision Zti Time Service Software for Windows platforms with one millisecond guaranteed accuracy
ZTS-N software

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New Product: ZTI 1250
Gps-Based Timing Signal Generator
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IP software testing tools and IP network testing tools

Configure, test, measure, stress IP networks (IPv4 & IPv6) and equipments with our state of the art IP networks testing tools and IP software testing tools. Manage your network bandwidth, view and control traffic statistics: 
IP software testing tools and IP networks testing tools from ZTI enable you to stress IP networks, measure network bandwidth, view and control traffic statistics across your network. Whether you need to stress IP networks, to observe flows in a disturbed environment, or to test and measure QoS, our IP networks testing tools and IP software testing tools create the conditions and deliver the data you require.
Choose ZTI specialized in test and measurement products for IP networks.

Time Receivers synchronized by GNSS

ZTI provides industrial timing and synchronization solutions based on GNSS technology.
Our GNSS-based receivers can synchronize a single PC or server:


GPS USB Dongle with PPS for Timing & Navigation applications.

 z150 Series

GNSS Multi Receivers Platform for Timing and Navigation. New Products

ZTI offers also dedicated software solutions for precise timing applications and delivers customized timing solutions.

  ZTS High Precision Zti Time Service software for Windows applications with a guaranteed accuracy of 1 millisecond.


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